Outlook Global

In-house industry veterans and domain experts

Outlook Global employs analysts and consultants with relevant industry experience and strong domain expertise. Hence our analysts have a sound knowledge of their concerned markets and this enables a deep conversation with industry players and other stakeholders.

Constant market monitoring

OutlookGlobal analyst teams regularly track relevant markets and constantly update their knowledge. Analysts at OutlookGlobal demonstrate impeccable expertise in spotting market and technology trends.

Use a wide range of sources

Research data is mostly multi-sourced. Outlook Global leverages its extensive industry network to conduct in-depth primary interviews with industry players, key opinion leaders, vendors, distributors, customers and other stakeholders. Insights and information gained from such interviews are vital to the research process. Moreover, our vast proprietary in-house database “Outlook Trove” provides a sound base for the research. In addition, authentic secondary sources such as annual reports, National and International statistical databases, SEC filings, data from government agencies, press reports, scientific journals, corporate presentations, regulatory filings and many other reliable sources are utilized.

Customer Centric And Relentless Strive Towards High Standards

Established system for rewarding analysts receiving positive client feedback regularly. This ensures our analysts are always ‘client centric’ and deliver high quality reports.

Adherence To Stringent Quality Control

Multiple levels of rigorous quality checks on alldeliverables ensure premium quality.

Macroeconomic Information

We leverage the knowledge of our ‘Economics Wing’ to factor in the impact of macroeconomic and demographic trends across markets and geographies.

Advanced Research Techniques

We utilize a range of advanced research techniques depending on the project requirement.

Outlook Global Peer Review

Outlook Global domain experts cross-check data integrity and validate insights. Questionable inferences require mandatory re-validation and sound reasoning. Else, they are omitted from the final report. Forecasts and projections are always challenged by the OutlookGlobal Peer Review Committee’. Conventional assumptions on market drivers and challenges are questioned.

Rigorous research practices and procedures including multiple stages of validation and QC ensure accuracy and authenticity of the research findings. Key emerging trends are never overlooked, notwithstanding the information overload in certain markets!

To learn more about OutlookGlobal ‘Research Methodology’
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