Automotive, Transportation, Shipping & Logistics

The industry landscape is rapidly evolving in emerging markets with greater impetus on the adoption of EV and green technologies. In addition, there is an increasing environmental regulation seen globally. This along with the changing consumer behavior and expectations is expected to hugely impact the Automotive, Transportation, Shipping & Logistics sector.


The established industry players in this sector are facing existential threats from technology firms. As a consequence, there is a rapid convergence of IT and automotive. China and the United States continue to be key growth markets, accounting for about 43% of global automotive sales. There would be an increasing focus and investment in connectivity and Big Data analytics.


Our comprehensive market research in Automotive, Transportation, Shipping and Logistics helps clients in identifying new growth opportunities and devise go to market strategies. Our core expertise is in Customized Market Research with country/region level analyses. We provide market intelligence across high growth niche and cutting edge technologies. We have partnership with an exhaustive list of global Automotive, Transportation, Shipping and Logistics firms. Utilizing our extensive global research supported by in-house proprietary data – ‘Outlook Global Trove’, we help our clients meet various challenges associated with the complex nature of the Automotive and Transportation industry.


Stay on top of the latest business and technology developments in your markets of interest.

Key topics covered:

-Market Sizing and Assessment
-Forecasts: Revenue (including CAGR) by Product Segments and Regions
-Forecasts: Unit Shipment (including CAGR) by Product Segments and Regions (based on data availability)
-Industry Dynamics and Trends – Drivers & Restraints
-Key Product Segments Market share (based on data availability)
-Competitive Landscape and Market Share Analysis of leading companies
-Technology Trends
-Recent JVs, Mergers and Acquisitions
-Emerging Market Growth Opportunities
-Regulatory Landscape, Government Policies Impact Analysis
-Company Profile of Key Industry Players
-Market Attractiveness Analysis
-Emerging Geographic Markets
-Pricing trend analysis
-Evolving Business Models
-SWOT Analysis
-Supply Chain and Distribution Channel Analysis
-Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
-Segment Life cycle Analysis
-Macroeconomic Analysis and Mega Trends
-Future Outlook
-Executive Summary and Key Takeaways


Outlook Global : Upcoming Market Research Reports in Automotive, Transportation, Shipping & Logistics:


Transportation and Logistics

Global Transportation and Logistics Market
Global Rail Market
Global Rail eTicketing Market
Global Rolling Stock Market
Global Air Cargo Market
Global Light Rail Transit Market
Communications-Based Train Control Systems in the Urban Rail Market – Global
Global Temperature Controlled Logistics (TCL) Market


Commercial Vehicles

Global Commercial Vehicle Market
Global 2-cylinder Engines in Passenger Vehicles and Small Light Commercial Vehicles Market
Global Usage-based Insurance Market for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles
Global Commercial Truck Industry Outlook
Global Medium and Heavy duty Commercial Truck Market
Global Hybridization in Off-highway Commercial Vehicle Market
UBI Market for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles – Global
Global Light, Medium, and Heavy Commercial Vehicle (CV) Market
Global Heavy-Duty Used Truck Market
Global Medium-Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Market
Global Trucking Industry Outlook



Global Connected Car Market
Global Automotive Ethernet Technology
Global Automated Driving Market
Global Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market
Global Light Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market
Telematics in Automotive Aftermarket – Global
Global Fleet Telematics Market
Market for V2V and V2I Communication Systems – Global
Global Commercial Vehicles Telematics Market
Global Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market
Big Data adoption in Global Automotive Industry
Global Vehicle Parking Management Systems Market


Automotive Aftermarket

Global Automotive Aftermarket Outlook
Engine Control Units (ECUs) in Automotive Aftermarket – Global
Re-manufactured Engine Aftermarket – Global
Brake Pads and Shoes Aftermarket – Global
Wiper Blade Aftermarket – Global
Class 4–8 Commercial Vehicle Brake Components Aftermarket – Global
Collision Parts Aftermarket – Global
Class 6-8 Re-manufactured Powertrain Components Aftermarket – Global


Electric Vehicles

Global Electric Vehicle Market
Global Inductive Charging for Electric Vehicles (EV) Market
Global Hybrid and Electric Heavy-Duty Transit Bus Market
Global Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market



Global Powertrain Market Outlook


Novel Technologies

Global High-Speed Transmissions Market
Global Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) Market


Automotive Market

Global Automotive Industry Outlook
Small and Compact Sports Utility Vehicle Market – Global
Global High-Speed Transmissions Market
Luxury Vehicle Market – Global
All-wheel Drive Systems Market – Global
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for Passenger Vehicles Market – Global


Auto Components

Global Auto Components Industry
e-Retailing Automotive Parts and Services Market – Global
Global Replacements Parts Market


Safety and Braking

Global Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Market
Electronic Braking System Market – Global


Vehicle Fleet and Leasing Market

Global Fleet and Vehicle Lease Market


End User Survey – Automotive Industry


Global Mobility Market

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