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Multi-Client Research

At Outlook Global, we do not believe in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of traditional research services. Consequently, even our multi-client studies are customer centric! Key inputs from our clients form the core structure of such deliverables. In fact, to ensure a certain level of customisation, we consciously limit the number of clients for such deliverables.

Multi-client deliverables cover hot topics and categories across multiple domains and geographies. Given the perpetual change that we are witnessing across industries, we believe, even a six month old report is essentially irrelevant to our clients. Hence, we have a stated policy of offering only “Up-to-date” reports to our clients.

Domain experts with relevant industry background author such reports. Our vast and regularly updated proprietary database ‘Outlook Global Trove’ serves as bedrock to our research. Moreover, OutlookGlobal market experts are in constant dialogue with industry leaders and various stakeholders. We derive new insights and information by leveraging such extensive industry network.

Multi-client reports offer a comprehensive global outlook of relevant markets across geographies. Key topics and categories are analysed both segment-wise and region-wise, such as:

Market Assessment
Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecasts (including       CAGR) by Product Segments and Regions
Market Dynamics and Trends – Drivers &       Restraints
Product wise Market share
Competitive Landscape and Market Share       Analysis
Technology Trends
Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
Emerging Market Opportunities
Regulatory Landscape & Policy Analysis &      Impact
Company Profiles

Epidemiology Analysis (Life Sciences)
Pipeline Analysis (Life Sciences)
Market attractiveness
Emerging Geographic Markets
Pricing trend analysis
New Business models
SWOT Analysis
Supply Chain Analysis
Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Segment Life cycle Analysis
Executive Summary and Key Takeaways

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