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Custom Research

Finding facts and insights on niche or relevant markets that you can rely upon isn’t always easy. At Outlook Global, we recognize the need for tailored market intelligence and insights for specific business challenges. Our ‘Custom Research’ service unit delivers a wide spectrum of actionable solutions, such as the competitive landscape assessment, market assessment, technology trends and country specific market opportunity analysis, among others.

Our deliverables can be designed to your specific needs. We have the domain expertise, flexibility and tenacity to research niche categories. Our analysts are in constant dialogue with various industry stakeholders and key opinion leaders. Moreover, we leverage our vast and proprietary database ‘Outlook Global Trove’ to hit the ground running for quick turnaround assignments.

We offer a range of ‘Client Specific Deliverables’ such as

Opportunity Analysis
Market Positioning
Market Assessment & Forecasting
Benchmarking Studies
Feasibility Studies
Country Market Outlook
Unmet Need Analysis
New Market Identification
Geographic Expansion
Acquisition Candidate Identification
Competitive Intelligence
Value Chain Analysis
Company Profiles
Epidemiology Analysis
Risk outlook

Pipeline Analysis
Country-Risk Analysis
Regulatory Environment, Policy Analysis &      Impact
Macroeconomic analysis and Mega Trends
Life cycle Analysis
End-user Perception Mapping
Periodic Market Briefs
Market attractiveness
Emerging Geographic Markets
Technology Trends
Assessing and Benchmarking key Buying criteria
Reimbursement Landscape Analysis
New Business models
Market Trends – Drivers & Restraints
Supply Chain Analysis

Our Custom market research solutions are relevant and reliable. Partner with us today!
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